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Cara Guyton  


Originally from DuBois, PA, Cara graduated from Clarion University in 2003 with a bachelor's degree in Communications before making the move to Charlottesville. Growing up as one of five siblings, Cara developed a strong sense of responsibility, teamwork, and the importance of building meaningful connections. Throughout her career, Cara has always been drawn to the hospitality industry due to her natural inclination toward helping people and creating exceptional experiences. In May 2022, Cara had the opportunity to work as a wedding planner assistant for The Hive Wedding Collective at Dover Hall. It was during this experience that she instantly fell in love with the venue and knew that she wanted to be a part of the team. In June 2022, Cara joined Dover Hall in her current role, and she has found immense joy and fulfillment in contributing to the success of the team! Aside from her professional achievements, Cara is a proud mother of two daughters, Cadence (17) and Kendall (14). When Cara isn't at work, you will find her working out and coaching at F45, volunteering with her Church, Heights Church RVA, and traveling!

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